Guidelines for Posters and Exhibitions

VENUE: The exhibition venue shall be the Faculty of Engineering Walkway.


  1. Iconic/Physical models, if any
  2. Poster presentation mounted on stands. Posters to be 2AO (1681mm x 1128mm)
  3. Poster content shall be as in the extended abstract but with emphasis on Research design, methodology and results. A minimum font size of 24 should be used.
  4. External Exhibitors are highly encouraged to participate in the Conference. External exhibitors may acquire spaces as follows:
    1. Individuals - N10,000.00 for a single space and for double space N20,000.00
    2. Organizations – N50,000.00 for a single space and for double space N100,000.00

Spaces shall be 2m with 1m between exhibitors. Exhibitors may acquire 2 consecutive space.

Payable to: University of Benin Microfinance Bank

Account Name and Number – University Research and Publication Committee; 1100050674.