Presentation: Oral

Assessment and modelling of Orhionmwon River, Ikpe community. Edo state

Dr. (Mrs) Ihimekpen Ngozi, Omosefe .B. Eghosa
civil, Engineering

Contact: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Benin
[email protected]

Year: 2018


All life on earth depends on water. Water is defined as a very essential part of protoplasm and that it creates a state for metabolic activities to occur effortlessly; therefore, no life can exist without water (Dubey and Maheshwari, 2006). Environmental degradation, deterioration and underdevelopment are top public issues both at national and international levels (Ekweozor et al., 2001). It has been noted that due to rapid industrialization and its associated effects on our environment, there have been an increase of instability in our aquatic ecosystem. Water quality deterioration in rivers usually comes from excessive nutrient inputs, eutrophication, acidification, heavy metal contamination, organic pollution and obnoxious fishing practices. The effects of these “imports” into the reservoir do not only affect the socio-economic functions of the reservoir negatively, but also bring loss of structural biodiversity of the reservoir (Moshood, 2008). Inhabitants of Ikpe community and environs discharges their effluents into Orhionmwon River that flows through the suburb of the community, and this poses a serious threat to the lives of the residents that depends on the river as a source of water for their domestic uses.

Keywords: water quality, D.O, BOD