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Presentation: Oral

Factors Influencing Journal Publication choice among University of Benin Lecturers

Benlance Ekaniyere Edetanlen , **Clement Chinedu Azodo
Periodontics, Dentistry

Contact: Dept of Periodontics, New Dental Complex, UBTH

Year: 2018


The objective was to determine the factors influencing journal publication choice among University of Benin lecturers. This prospective study was conducted among lecturers across the thirteen faculties in university of Benin. Lecturers of different cadres that had authored minimum of one publication and consented were studied. Data collection tool was a self-administered questionnaire which elicited information on demographic characteristics, determinant of choice and factors influencing publication choice. A total of 53 lecturers who have worked for 1-38years compromising 39(73.6%) male and 14(26.4%) females from 33 departments of all the 13 faculties were studied. More than half of the participant(52.8%) had worked for 1-10years. Nearly one-third(30.2%) of the participants were 31-40years and about one-fifth(20.8%) were lecturer II. Non-science oriented faculties about one-third 18(34.0%) of the participants. The journal choice decision was mainly sole decision(66.0%) followed by collective decision(54.7%) and advice of senior colleagues(37.7%). Prestige, promotion and journal impact factor were the three most ranked factors in journal choice. Open access was the least ranked factors. The ranking of the factors were not influenced by sex, faculty, academic status, and years of experience of the participants. It can be concluded that the most ranked factors in journal publication choice among university of Benin lecturers were prestige, promotion and journal impact factors.