Presentation: Oral

Tracking Coal-char Technical Performance using Aromaticity as an Index

Andrew O. Odeha*, Samuel E Ogbeide, Charity O Okieimen
Chemical Engineering, Engineering

Contact: Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Benin, Benin City, Private Bag 1154
[email protected]

Year: 2018


The quest for renewable energy due to population explosion and dwindling energy derivation from non-renewable sources, the discovery of new coal deposits in Nigeria presents solutions for the nation energy crises and prospects for socio-economic growth and sustainable development. However, a lack of comprehensive data on the physical, chemical and thermal properties of Nigerian coals has greatly limited their utilization. Hence, in this study, two Nigerian bituminous coal were characterized and their thermal analysis during char formation examined. The results indicate that the coals contain high proportions of percent carbon (80 % for AFZ and 82 % for MBT, daf basis) and a sufficiently high heating value (HHV) (32 MJ / kg for AFZ and 33 MJ / kg for MBT) for energy conversion which indicates that the coals can potentially be utilized for future clean energy applications.

Keywords: Coal-char, Aromaticity, Coal