Presentation: Oral

An Assessment of Land Use Management Challenges in Edo State

Iruobe, Gabriel Akhabue and Ogbuefi, Paul Chibueze
Estate Management, Environmental Sciences

Contact: Department of Estate Management, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Benin, Nigeria.
[email protected]

Year: 2018


The authors assess the response rate of the government to the issue of land use violations or abuses becoming impediments in the way of other law abiding citizens. It also examines the lifestyles of the average citizens in terms of maintenance of culture that marks conformity with regulations or land use responsibility. In all, the authors uncover the general lackadaisical attitudes to public infrastructures as well as land resources that may be wasting away in the environment where everyone ought to think and work for a sustainable development. This is aggravated by human activities that do not consider the harm done to the environment. The authors conducted a survey using the in-depth interview method to gather data. Responses were analyzed quantitatively using frequency distribution, percentages, and bar charts. In conclusion, the survey shows a perception of failure of both government and the citizenry on land use responsibility index hence the respondents’ dissatisfaction with the level of care and concern for appropriate land use and maintenance.

Keywords: Land use, Land degradation, Land management, Urban renewal, Land conservation, Sustainability, Land use responsibility